Nitrided Oil Pump
   For reduced wear and corrosion protection.
Nitrided Input Shaft
   Increases torque capacity, reduces wear and corrosion protection.
TIG Welded Hub to Input Shaft
   This results in higher torque capacity, standard feature on HM-1450 & HM-1550.
Longer Hub
   Allows for more clutch disc to be installed.
Larger Piston
   In forward clutch cylinder increases clamping force on forward clutch disc.
Graphite Clutch Disc Material
   Increases the coefficient of friction.
Deep Sump Stainless Oil Pan
   Keeps oil below rotating components resulting in less parasitic loss. This gives more horsepower to the prop. Built in windage tray to keep oil out of rotating components during acceleration. This results in more horsepower during acceleration. More than one qt. additional oil capacity than regular transmissions. This helps eliminate low oil failures. This feature can be added to all Huber transmissions.
Rear Pick Up Tube
   Helps prevent oil starvation upon acceleration and no wake zone travel. Standard equipment on models HM-925, HM-1200, HM-1330, HM-1450.
   For Spicer® 1410 and 1480 series driveline. Nitrided for corrosion protection.
Check Valve (optional)
   Eliminates inaccurate dipstick readings due to cooler drain back.